I have opened an SVG file in Inkscape after haven't changing it for 1-2 years (the file is stored in a git repository and now I have to perform some changes) and suddenly wrong font is used to render it -

While my font should be serif and in fact when I open the SVG file in text editor I see:


when I open the SVG file in Inkscape 0.92.3, a sans serif font is being used:

screenshot 1

So I make sure that the layer (called "Squares") is not locked and try to change the font, but this setting is not applied:

screenshot 2

Below is my exported (1-2 years ago) PNG file, please help me to get "back in time", i.e. to change the font in the entire SVG document using Inkscape back to the font shown below:

needed screenshot

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Nevermind, I have found a solution for my problem -

Whenever I selected letters, they where grouped (and probably that is why the "Apply" button in "Text and Font" dialog was greyed out):

grouped screenshot

Only after I have selected in the Inkscape menu: Object -> Ungroup, I have been able to press CTRL-SHIFT-T and set the font ("Courier New", Bold, 11 in my case):

ungrouped screenshot

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