Any time I try to edit points of a shape in PowerPoint, the points have Bezier handles, and I want them as corner points. Selecting the context menu item for straight point or corner point doesn't seem to help. Basically, I'm looking for an Illustrator equivalent of shift + C on the point to convert it from curve to corner point. Any suggestions are appreciated.


It's right-click Edit Points then select individual point and again right-click and choose either straight point or corner point.

Typical of MS Office workflows with drawing tools in that it takes multiple clicks through multiple levels of context menus to achieve this should be simple goal.

First, right-click and choose Edit Points

First Step

Choose a given single control point (see the bezier handles to see which point is selected)

figure overall

Then Right-Click on that control point to pull up the point-specific context menu and choose Straight Point or Corner Point to get rid of the bezier curve (keeps the handles but zeros out the curve value)

Final right click

Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for responding Gerard.I have done that. What I want to do is just get rid of the Bezier handles altogether. Can that be done? – itsmikem Apr 17 '18 at 17:19
  • My impression from when I had a client who required extensive use of PowerPoint was that this is in fact how the draw-a-polygon-shape tool actually works - the non-dragged mouse clicks all generate beziers with control handles all of which are zeroed out. I think that in fact all the PowerPoint drawing shapes work this way - even the pre-canned ones like the star - I think if you follow this workflow, you'll find you can edit the control points of any of those pre-canned shapes, and all of them have beziers which are initially zeroed out to achieve their straight segments. – GerardFalla Apr 17 '18 at 17:39

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