Sometimes I get a lot of PDF documents of multiple scanned photos from costumers and I need to crop them, straighten them and export them as JPG.

Now, It's really time consuming doing it manualy. I found a way to crop and straighten them automaticly through photoshop, but not a way to batch export them.

So I need a way to:

  1. Batch export nultiple photoshop photos.
  2. Crop, straighten and export multiple PDF scanned photos through Photoshop.
  3. Find a freeware software to do the above.

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You can use a Droplet to perform batch actions with the drop of a file or files.

Merely set up an action while you walk through the steps for a single image.

  • New Action folder
  • New Action
  • Start recording
  • Open file
  • Perform all steps
  • Save
  • Close
  • Stop Recording

Save the action folder

Choose File > Automate > Create Droplet

Choose the action set you saved on the left, and then set up destination options on the right.

enter image description here

When you get new files, you can merely drop them onto the droplet and the action steps will be performed on each image.

I have a client that sends me RGB chart files that need to be reduced to greyscale and then adjusted for size. I set up an action t perform the necessary steps on one of the images....

enter image description here

Then I created a droplet from that action.

When new images come in (10 at a time), I merely drop all the images onto a droplet, let Photoshop do it's thing for a couple minutes.. and they are all ready for use.

Here's another action I used to create a droplet which sharpens and auto-color corrects another client's screenshot files they send me. (They always need the same C boost and M drop).

enter image description here

Caveat: I'm assuming droplets are OS agnostic. I've never used Windows. So, don't shoot me if there's no Droplet option. I have a difficult time imagining there isn't though.


Use Photoshop's built-in batch and action scripts. You can set a folder that Photoshop will use to open documents. Then perform the necessary tasks to crop, straighten, and save as. Record that as an new Action by doing Window>Actions and then set up your batch by doing File>Automate>Batch.

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