I finally upgraded computers and had to go with Windows this time around because it was a really good deal. I don't prefer one OS over the other as long as it gets the job done. I'm having a problem however with my tablet now on my new set up. It's running Windows 10 and I don't have a mapping menu to switch the orientation of my tablet around so I can work left handed. I've tried installing the previous drivers and the most recent drivers from Wacom but that hasn't helped. Anyone else have this problem?

  • I'm not on Windows.. but my Wacom prefs have no "left handed" option. that disappeared a few years ago. You just set which side you want the Express Keys on.. that's all. Then turn the tablet how you want it. (Note I don't use a mouse or the touch features.. not sure if they change for lefties).
    – Scott
    May 8 '18 at 5:38

In your settings go to the pen settings > Mapping. I'm taking this screen shot off my mac but it works the same in windows. Change the dropdown from 'Express Keys Left' to 'Express Keys Right' enter image description here

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