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I found this icon very interesting. I know Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Mesh, but I can't achieve perspective, angularity and roundness at the same time.


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Weird, it looks like a mapping on a volume wrapped in a mask. The only way I can get is drawing it, with no effects.

From a blend of three lines, the middle one is thicker blend

Rotate the blend -20º


Add two vertical lines and an horizontal to mark the "volume" border (black lines)


Expand the blend and expand the strokes to convert them into shapes. Selecting the black lines one by one, Menu Object > Path > Divide objects below. Selecting the figure with the Direct Selection Tool, must be like this:


Direct selection tool > Select all the right points > Press the E key and scale vertically from top and bottom alternatively. Do the same with the left points.


Select the middle top points > press E key > scale vertically down


Add a circle

enter image description here

Select all and mask it, menu Objet > Clipping Mask > Make

enter image description here

I think it can be better, but it's as close as I can arrive.


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