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For example in this image, there is a grid background in place. If I like to use background for my indesign projects, what would be the methods to accomplish this? (for example in photoshop there is a pattern panel where I can set an element's background to desired pattern/image)

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You either have to ...

  • Draw the background. There is no "pattern" feature in InDesign whatsoever.
  • Or import an image, created in other software, and use that as a background.

Scott's answer kind of sums it up, but if its a square grid you need to use, that can be relatively easy to produce using a table and some basic math:

  • create a text box and make it exactly the size of the page (assuming you need full page coverage)
  • insert a table into this box and add as many empty rows and columns as you need to make it into a grid
  • format the strokes on each cell to a light gray of equal weight
  • lock the table object or move it to the master page, so it won't get in the way as you do additional work on the page(s)

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