I want to connect two gradients at a 45° angle:

enter image description here

As you can see, the transition is not smooth. How can make the gradients blend properly?

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Obviously you have filled two areas with a black-white-black gradient. In theory you can nail it, if the seam of the filled areas is just in the right angle. The ends must fit like they fit in high quality woodwork.

An example:

Fill a rectangle with the gradient in a new layer. Duplicate the layer. Rotate the duplicate with the layer rotation tool:

enter image description here

Move the duplicate, make lower corners to fit:

enter image description here

Click a lasso selection and delete the extra part in the duplicate:

enter image description here

Beware: If your gradient isn't exactly symmetric, you must rotate to the right direction to make the gradient fit, counterclockwise in this case.


Using the neon-path script on a path with the standard FG-BG gradient:

enter image description here

Despite its name, the script is really just laying a gradient radially from a path.

If you use Gimp 2.10 you can use ofn-gradient-along-path that does the same thing, but better.

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