New to Adobe Flash. With the default Swipe template. I have made 2 scene just with the color variation change. I have just duplicate the scene and change the colours in the scene 2 also. So i have now scene 1 and scene 2. With the reference video i made the 1st scene and just duplicate same scene and change the colors and rename to scene 2. When i press ctrl+enter i get this error.

enter image description here

Before making the scene 2 i did not get the error. But after duplicate the scene 1 and color change i get this error. May i know what changes i have to make to get rid of this error to get a swipe animation. Any suggestion or help.

sample File

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Just rename all the var (currentGalleryItem, totalGalleryItems, slideCounter, slideLeft, moveGalleryLefta, etc. )

or i have rename all the var download and just copy paste.

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