I have a 2d model for a laser cutter. It has cutouts where the wooden layer fits in perpendicularly. That means the cutout has to have the exact width so the layer fits in.

Now I am experimenting with the right size of the whole model. That, however, means that after every size change, I have to change the width of all cut-outs back to the right size (2.7 mm).

|     _____     |
|_____|   |_____|

Is there a way to lock certain path segments length so that it doesn't change when resizing?

(The rest would accomodate)

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    No, use a parametric cad application. – joojaa May 15 '18 at 5:50
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    As an Inkscape user, I have occasionally lamented the lack of "locking" or having parametric options within the program. I found some usefulness to that end in SolveSpace, a free, multi-platform program that is primarily 3D but works fine for 2D and supports many levels of parametric design. – fred_dot_u May 15 '18 at 9:51

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