**What are creative ways of representing user profile pictures on a homepage ( or you can call them avatars but they will always be a real small version of a real photo like 80x80 pixels in size. Are there any social networks that represent there users in a cool unique way? If you know some please share a link or an image :) thx!

you have,

  • a social media type site
  • users registered with profile photo
  • enough photos to show on the homepage
  • perhaps roulate them a bit

you want:

  • creative way to represent those pictures
  • be orginal use some colors and interaction ( rotate images)

Some examples I like and look for concepts like this ( Im not from India ): enter image description here

  • i would look to other areas for inspiration other than other social networking sites maybe try some template websites i have this for example link
    – Far
    Oct 9, 2012 at 19:08

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What is imho a really neat concept, in terms of the way they represent things on their main, homepage, is Pinterest.

This is not the users picture, but each users most recent photo or picture. They have width restrictions, but the height can be, well, very long. Which makes for a neat, refreshing interface at times.

When you have a uniform size of a picture, it makes it more difficult to be creative. so if you are going to keep your 80x80 standard size, indeed maybe an algorithm to randomly rotate them within a certain range. Use of color in frames or the background can be dangerous, for you will not know the color of the users picture or avatar.

If they are always a real picture - perhaps the use of numerous and various and creative frames would be interesting. That could work.

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