When I cleaned my touch-pad yesterday I accidentally clicked on something. After that I was still in normal screen. But the left tool-bar and the right function-section was gone, like in full-screen mode.

But it was — not — full-screen.

So, I figured I could hover over the left border of the screen. And the tool-bar came back to view. Likewise the functions on right side. That was actually pretty cool. Because you now have an undisturbed view on the art.

But I was not sure how I did it.

I found that if i chose Window > Workplace > Essentials then the bars came back. Now I want the auto-hiding back. I could not find an explanation on the web as to how to do this.

How do you enter the mode described above?

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It's the same shortcut as Photoshop:

Pressing the key F once > hide the window frame

Pressing the key F twice > hide everything and get full screen artboard

  • Thanks for answering. It was — not — full screen though. It was usual work-place. – AjAX. May 19 '18 at 9:25

In addition to Danielillo's answer....

Tab will hide all panels, including the toolbar, while not entering full screen mode.

Shift+Tab will hide all panels except the tool bar, while not switching to full screen mode.

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It is simple.

When pressing Tab it enters this mode.

Then you can hover over the edge of the screen.

And the panels reappear while hovering.

Taken from here.

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