In illustrator I have imported and traced an image as below:

enter image description here

I am now trying to split this object into its four base shapes so I can change the fill of the blue parts. I thought trace would convert the object into four paths but it does not.

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After Tracing image first you have to expand that image. then you can ungroup object by right click. After that, you can able to edit the objects individually.enter image description here

  • An image speaks a thousand words. The info bar was missing from my ui which is why I missed the obvious. Thanks.
    – DreamTeK
    May 22, 2018 at 9:53

When you use Image Trace, the resulting vector objects are grouped by default by Illustrator. You can either

  1. Ungroup them (right-click the objects, and then select "Ungroup"). After that, you should be able to edit the objects individually.


  1. Double-click on one path to isolate and modify it. After the desired edits, you can exit isolation mode by pressing esc. The paths will remain grouped.

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