Illustrations I create in Procreate show up pixelated at edges despite high resolution when I place them in Indesign.

illustrations' edges have some odd black outline around them

I'm working on illustrating books for print. It's my first time working on a print project, I usually do digital illustration for the web.

I use Procreate on Ipad Pro for illustrations, and need to place them into Indesign layouts. I do my best to create clean lines in my illustrations, and use a huge resolution as well (each illustration is about 3000x3000px in size), but when I place them in Indesign there's some weird stuff happening with illustration edges. I use 4000x4000 at 300dpi resolution for my canvas. Then export the image as PNG before placing into Indesign.

What am I doing wrong? Maybe it's exactly because the resolution is too high? Or it's a PNG issue?


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Nothing wrong, is just the Indesign Typical Display Image.

Select the image > Go to menu Object > Display Performance > High Quality Display

The Typical Display Image is to work faster with the application, having a book with many images and all at High Quality Display would reduce the work speed.


  • This literally saved my grade for a class thank you sm!
    – Rae
    Nov 19, 2021 at 2:58

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