I think I have found the Adobe Illustrator version of this question, at: how continue a path from one point by using pen tools in illustrator?
Another site: suggests subpaths, but this doesn't seem to work because you have to stop, and go back, and smooth out that shared node.

But in Inkscape, can you "pick up" from where you left off with the Bezier / Pen Tool, to continue drawing a curved path? (So that the continued path shares the same cusp / smooth / symmetric nodes)?

I imagine this issue doesn't really matter with line / corner nodes.

A Very Over-Simplified Use Case:

  • Guru Artist is making a vertically snaking "S" path, (to make a snake!).
  • To begin, Click+Drag, then release to create a collinear segment.
  • Click+Drag to create another.
  • And again, and again ...
  • Accidentally hit Right+Click - because of IRL Aggro from swooping dragon flying over house.
  • Come back to computer, and want to continue creating this curve, for many more steps.

I am basically looking for the capability to "pick-up" the last node, or even delete the last segment, and continue on, maintaining all of the handles.

Is there a way to do this in InkScape?

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As I was writing and editing the question, I figured I would post my work-around/hack to help illustrate the issue. I started trying to figure out what subpaths are, (per a similar question posted on another forum), that allows you to continue on and even modify the node time to symmetric, cusped, etc.

  1. Double+Click your curved path to be able to see the path and nodes.
  2. Select the Bezier Pen Tool, (or press "B").
  3. Click+Drag or just Click on the node you want to continue from.
  4. Shift+U to start working in Cusp mode.

Although the node does end up being a cusp node, I still have no idea how to get it to turn into linear mode, smooth, symmetric, or corner - or even just delete that last node, to continue on.

Does anyone know the proper way to do this?

  • You can skip number 1, if the path is already selected. Double-click will only work when you have the Selector tool active. To change a node's type, use the shortcuts described in the keyboard shortcut list: inkscape.org/en/doc/keys092.html#idm2176
    – Moini
    Commented Jun 10, 2018 at 15:47

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