If i have 2 HSL colours and i'll like to find the colour values in equal steps between the 2 colours, how would I go about this? Is there an equation or an online resource that would do this?


If I have two colours:

hsl(195, 53%, 79%) and hsl(203, 36%, 14%)

I want to create 6 transition stages of equal linear measurement between the 2 colours. What I'll end up with is 8 colours in total — the 2 original colours and the 6 from the transitioning stages of the 1st colour to the 2nd.

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8 colours in total is 7 steps (not including the first colour obviously)

Find the difference between the start and end values for H, S, and L

Divide the difference by the number of steps

Subtract the value of each step from the previous step, repeat

Round the numbers to integers

enter image description here

enter image description here

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