First the caveats: yes I did go over all the font-id resources i could think of, including all the ones listed on the FAQ on this site. I've already spent a couple days on this and would already have started a clone font myself if I didn't know for sure the font is commercial and i will need to license it regardless, because well it is used in a product after all.

The font in question is used in the watch face bellow: max bill watch

Every single font-id software/site gives me either a closed 4 or a square font.

here is the cleaned up digits i used to id via OCR offerings: max bill digits

The "Sequel Rounded Extended" does have a few round digits that are very similar, but 7 and 4 are way off. Millar family is closer on the 7 and 4, but still very far away.

I'd appreciate any pointers on finding the right one to license. Thanks.

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    I have a feeling that it's a custom typeface, not a commercially available font, but I might be wrong.
    – Luciano
    Commented Jun 11, 2018 at 16:04

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This is a custom typeface designed by Max Bill for his original kitchen clock, Exacta in 1957. A beautiful specimen of Swiss Bauhaus design. According to this source:

Bill designed a special typeface, numbers and logo for the product, which was made by Junghans, Germany.

Source: Design is fine. History is mine.

Max Bill **Kitchen Clock** 1956-57 Max Bill Kitchen Clock 1956-57 (image courtesy of MoMA.org)

I might also add that Ovaryraptor's answer is indeed correct. The Sequel Rounded family wasn't released until 2017, so the font itself technically did not exist when Max Bill created the original piece. But this font was inspired by Max Bill and designed to look like the typeface he created for the clock faces:

Sequel Rounded is a post-Max Bill font by OGJ type design, berlin, and is developed in close cooperation with the Max Bill Georges Vantongerloo foundation in switzerland.

Source: Sequel Rounded on MyFonts


Not everything is a font

I believe that you are correct that the font is Sequel Rounded Extended.

To me, it matches perfectly.

enter image description here

The only outlier seems to be the 4 which they most likely made a custom glyph for because the closed variant didn't fit the aesthetic.

Additionally, the C seems to have been edited to be more open but the source image isn't very high quality so I could be mistaken.

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