How might I go about creating a wave pattern like the attached reference?

I was thinking a 'move-copy' approach. But was wondering if there was something simpler. I'm not too familiar with Illustrator so would love some guidance.

What I'm looking for is vertical 2px lines running in a row then the wave effect.

enter image description here

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Create the stroke unit:

Stroke Unit

Put a stroke alined at each side of the blue rectangle:


Select them and go to menu Object > Blend > Make

Create the Wave Path:


Select the blend ant the Wave Path and go to menu Object > Blend > Replace Spine


Menu Object > Blend > Blend Options > Specified Steps


If it is necessary to modify the distance between the sticks, regulate the vector points handles:


To replicate the waves make new blends or duplicate the original and transform the Spine Path selecting it with the Direct Selection Tool + Alt to get the whole path. In the Gif image it is flipped vertically:

spine transform


Once you have all the waves, the recommendation is to put each of them in a different layer and continue working independently.


To change the strokes length, create the Cut Path, or duplicate the Spine Path from the next lower blend:

cut path

Select the blend, menu Object > Blend > Expand

Select the blend group together with the Cut Path and choose the Shape Builder Tool:

shape builder tool

Pressing Alt delete the excess part of each path and reverse the path direction from the Stroke Panel

enter image description here

Select the sticks, menu Object > Ungroup and Distribute horizontaly


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    WOW. if I could give this a million up votes I would. Thank you so much for spending the time on this. And educating me on the way. Commented Jun 12, 2018 at 11:26

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