How can I create an image like this in Inkscape? (squares only, ignore the little hairs) enter image description here

I'm trying to start with a square, then use Tiled clones to repeat the pattern several times, but I can't seem to find the correct combo of shift and scale settings to get this to work!

  • What is the problem? Centering the upper right corner in the middle of the original, keeping the border width constant, ...? Commented Jun 13, 2018 at 13:51
  • All of it. I can't get them to shrink 50% or any other consistent scaling) each time, and I can't get them to position either. I'm not worried about border. Commented Jun 13, 2018 at 14:32

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I wouldn't use Tiled Clones to create that.

Try this instead:

  1. Switch on snapping options as shown in the example below

  2. Open the Transform panel, and click on the Scale tab. Set the scaling as desired.

  3. Create a square with a black stroke and filled white

  4. Press Alt+D to make a clone

  5. Hit the Apply button in the Scale panel.

  6. Move the square until the corner snaps to the object rotation center of the smaller square below it.

  7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 until finished.

enter image description here

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