I'm developing a website and I'm thinking about the background color saturation and brightness. I've read that too saturated and bright colors would strain the eye if not immediately after a while.

In this example https://www.dtelepathy.com/ it is clear on first impression that the website is too intense on the eye.

But what about this website https://www.reech.com/fr/ ?Although the brightness is low, saturation at its max. Do you think it would strain the eye after a while?

What would be the maximum combination of brightness and saturation that one could reach before the background color begins to strain the eye?


There is no maximum. Ultimately it boils down to how much people are going to be using your website and the effect it has on them. If users are going to spend hours on it every day, then it needs to not strain the eye. But if it's just a marketing website that someone visits once for thirty seconds, it's okay to use colors that strain the eye a little bit more. It can even help your site/design stand out if used properly.

Ultimately it should usually be pretty obvious if your design is using colors that are strenuous on the eye because you'll be spending more time looking at it than the end client. You should always do testing with actual clients to see if your design accomplishes what you want it to and get feedback from them.

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