I'm trying to match this font to recreate a business card, but I can't find it anywhere. I've tried font matching it on a range of websites but it comes out suggesting nothing or the wrong font. Does anyone know which it is?

enter image description here


Font name :- Dolce Vita from http://muraknockout.com/dolce-vita/

by MuraKnockout Media + Design

enter image description here

  • Is it just me or does the space between the A & L look wider in this font than it does in the example by OP?
    – Mast
    Jun 18 '18 at 17:45
  • 1
    @Mast most likely the kerning was tweaked manually. See also the uneven spacing in "AIN". Jun 18 '18 at 18:36

If you are just looking for the slanted A, the classical font with this design is Avant Garde Gothic from myfonts.com, designed by Herbert Lubalin on the seventies. The original design brings optional glyphs like the slanted A or glyphs combinations.

Avant Garde

enter image description here

He designed after the same font but with serif, named Lubalin Graph at myfonts.com

enter image description here

  • 1
    Of course, the whole font is different, the subject was the slanted A
    – user120647
    Jun 18 '18 at 15:14
  • 2
    That's the subject not the question. Read the question "I'm trying to match a font to recreate..." - you can't exactly recreate the exact business card if the rest of the letters don't match
    – slebetman
    Jun 18 '18 at 15:30
  • 1
    No. Because essentially this answer does not answer the question: how to replicate the font used in a business card
    – slebetman
    Jun 18 '18 at 16:09
  • 2
    In the future, please read the question, not just the title, before writing an answer. While the information you present may be interesting, it does not address the issue at hand. Thank you. Jun 18 '18 at 17:10
  • 3
    Coming from "Hot Network Questions", I really enjoy reading these slightly off-topic answers. My $0.02. Jun 18 '18 at 19:56

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