I have a text box with text on different lines with different styles, colors, leading and baseline shift. Is it possible to create this as a "standard/ master version", so that whenever any information is copied in from my body copy it can immediately take this form and set up?

I am creating a catalog and have each products information in a separate document. I just want to copy it all into my catalog and then apply this style to each separate text box. Is this possible without going into a script?enter image description here

  • I would use next styles for blocks of repeated styles. Its a bit complicated to explain, but there's tons of videos about this. And @Danielillo's answer below seems to cover this.
    – Lucian
    Jun 25, 2018 at 14:11

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There are two possibilities:

  • Grep Styles
  • Object Styles


Grep Styles

Character Styles:

  • Blue Text
  • Red Text
  • Bold Text

Paragraph Style:

  • Label Text: the paragraph style is the one of the last text (30-38) or the most repetitive


And those are the Greps:


The first one is for the Blue Text ^[\l\u]+(?!/)\r and means every letter and the following between the beginning and the end of a paragraph, excepting those with a /

Object Styles

This is more useful in case that some of the text lines has not a possible Grep, for example if the colors never has a / character. object style

At the Object Style Options window > Paragraph Styles > assign a Paragraph Style and check Apply Next Style

object style options

In this case just two paragraph styles: the Blue Text with a Next Style Regular Text which has as a Grep Style Red Text and Bold Text. With this option you can link Paragraph Styles to infinity if the next style from the origin has another next style attached.

blue text

Having either of these two options, it is possible after pasting all the text, do a general find/change to apply the desired style.

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