I am currently running Inkscape 0.92 on my Windows 10 machine. Is there a way from within the interface to update InkScape? or do I have to manually download and install each and every version that comes out?

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Yes. Please uninstall, then install a new Inkscape version. This is also explained on the inkscape.org website.

(unless you installed Inkscape from the Windows store, I don't know how that upgrades)


If you use WinGet, the new default package manager for Windows, having installed Inkscape via a command similar to

winget install --id 'Inkscape.Inkscape' # https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/windows-dev-docs/blob/53efc93f7d1e8c635255181fac32db643dbb2a60/hub/package-manager/winget/install.md#usage

then updating it uses a similar syntax:

winget upgrade --id 'Inkscape.Inkscape' # https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/windows-dev-docs/blob/a8680394f53407e0072c2fae134a42084eb22797/hub/package-manager/winget/upgrade.md#usage

WinGet should handle uninstallation and installation automatically, as https://github.com/microsoft/winget-pkgs/blob/c45393bebfafcd6c90d1c05328d3f8225953be9a/manifests/i/Inkscape/Inkscape/1.3.2/Inkscape.Inkscape.installer.yaml and its counterparts contain the relevant instructions.

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