I have a simple selection box around an icon. I want to keep the selection exactly the same size and move it to the right. How can I drag the selection box without moving the pixels with it?

It's exactly this question from photoshop: How do I move my mask independently of my layer?

I've tried holding ALT and drag, which appears to be what I want based on the icon, but on linux mint holding ALT drags the whole window around.

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The top line of the Move tool options (like most transform tools) has a three icons, that correspond to:

  • Layer (the usual, applies to the layer or the selected pixels)
  • Selection (applies to the selection mask, which is what you want)
  • Path (applies to the active path)

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If Alt+drag moves your whole window, then your window manager is interfering - you can usually disable this or change the modifier key in the window manager or system settings, though.

There is an answer covering several different window managers over at the AskUbuntu stack.


The answer is simple, you have to first left-click on the selection box such that the 4 corners of the selection box become squares. Then dragging it is simply the normal left-mouse drag.

  • This only applies while you are creating the selection (and AFAIK you don't need to left-click, just click&drag inside the selection).
    – xenoid
    Jul 1, 2018 at 7:55

I believe what you're looking for is "Transform Selection" on the selection menu.

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