What software and tools can I use to quickly create lines over single or multiple photographs that have the effect of disappearing into the distance? Sometimes the line would need to have curves. I would also like the line to reduce opacity as it disappears in the distance.

Take the following base image for example:

Example picture

The very crude hand drawn example below shows how I would like the line to curve in line with the road. However, I would like the line to be wider in the foreground and become narrower as it disappears in the distance.

enter image description here

The following screenshot shows a one point perspective grid in Adobe Illustrator with a rectangle drawn. I am unsure how to add curves and reduce the opacity over the length of the line. I have tried using the line tool in Ilustrator and increasing the width but this does not work. Rather than drawing a rectangle am I able to draw a line with curves but still obtain the desired effects?

enter image description here

What software packages would enable me to quickly and efficiently perform these tasks over single and multiple photographs?

I have access to a variety of software packages including Autocad, Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape but would consider purchasing other packages.

  • Both answers below are very helpful and informative, thank you. I have now also discovered another method in Illustrator which I think is more suited to my needs. Am i able to accept both answers below and also post my method as an answer?
    – ASHHart
    Jul 6, 2018 at 10:33

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Just to add to Danielillo's excellent answer, something similar is also possible using Inkscape's Interpolate extension.

enter image description here

Reducing the opacity of lines in the distance could be achieved using a mask, made from a gradient.

enter image description here


With Illustrator

  • Make two irregular lines at the border of the street


  • Select both lines, Menu Object > Blend > Make
  • Menu Object > Blend > Blend Options > Specified Steps = number
  • Stroke the blend with a linear gradient

    • From black to black
    • From 100% to 0% opacity
    • Angle=90%
    • Move the Gradient Slider
  • Direct Selection Tool, select a vertex and move the Live Corners widgets to round it, do the same with the other vertex


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