So I have this image.


In the image, there are hard changes in color like this.

also an image

In paint.net, how can I make those transitions less extreme without losing any of the image quality and tileability?

I know the image looks horrible right now, it is still a work in progress. The image was resized and cropped due to the size limits of uploading. Answers for GIMP, Photoshop, and other programs are also appreciated.


Frequency separation would allow you to treat the colour separately from the texture

I [very quickly] separated & smudged your circled area on the Low frequency layer...

enter image description here

add that back to the high frequency layer

enter image description here

& you get...

enter image description here

Obviously, with a bit more care & attention, you can do better than that ;)

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Using Photoshop

1) Use color range to select the less vibrant/darker pixels. Go to Select -> Color Range. Use the eye dropper tool to select a dark part of the photo. Hit OK

Selection Area

2) While you have an active selection, create a vibrance or saturation layer. Turn up the vibrance. This will make a mask of the adjustment layer to only effect the darker pixels from the color range.


3) Use levels or curves to darken the image.

4) Use the spot healing brush on the hard edges.

Spot Heal

Final image of the bottom left of the image.


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  • The only problem with this is if I use it on the sides of the image, it would lose tileability. – user123410 Jul 9 '18 at 12:19

I ended up fixing this myself in GIMP. I just used the heal tool to make the image look nicer, then I used the Tile Seamless Filter to regain tileability.

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