I have a design using B-splines, which I need to convert to a path, because it will need to be surrounded by a stroke in a separate colour.

A thick, curved line, entering the image on the left border, protruding to the top right corner, and exiting on the lower border

However, when I use the 'stroke to path ' (Ctrl + Alt + C) tool, the curve changes shape. It stops being rounded and instead becomes a sharp-cornered line around the B-spline's control points.

A thick line, following the same general direction as the one in the previous image, but this time with sharp corners

How should I go about achieving my desired effect?

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Apply at first Object to Path to make it Bezier curve. Apply Stroke to Path after it.

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    Explanation: B-Spline is a path effect. It is applied on top of the path data, and needs to be made a path itself first.
    – Moini
    Jul 10, 2018 at 15:38

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