I would like to make a system that does the following (on Mac, btw):

  1. Detect when a PDF is added to a folder (like folder actions in automator)

  2. Take the file name of that document and make a folder with the same name in the same folder as the PDF

  3. Image the PDF with the following settings: PNG - monochrome - 300 ppi. Then place them in that newly created folder (automator comes SO CLOSE, just can't do monochrome)

  4. Place a copy of the original PDF in that new folder.

  5. Rinse and repeat for every PDF and group of PDFs that enters that folder.

I know how to automate most of those steps, but not all together in one seamless process. So I'm stuck. Acrobat can do some of that with a custom action, but it can't "watch" or create folders. And Automator can't "tell" Acrobat to export a PDF with x settings.

I need help combining the tools or something so I only have to do 1 thing, i.e. place PDFs in a folder. Please help!

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