I have a Sun vector that is MANY shades of Orange and Yellow. I would like to make the orange swirl in the middle shades of yellow instead. When I lasso the middle and go to edit colors, there are about 50-60 color bars of orange. Is there a way to select multiple orange bars and select a yellow for all selected? Am I going about this the completely wrong way? I have noticed with watercolor vectors there are SO many little objects, its just impossible to change colors using the layer paths without having a ton of objects to alter.

enter image description here

  • Using the Magic Wand to select the orange shapes, changing the Fill Color Tolerance is not an alternative? – Danielillo Jul 12 '18 at 16:58

A - Use the magic wand tool to select the desired color; Press Enter to show its options and play with the tolerance values.

B - Open the recolor artwork panel and click the Edit button.

C - Check: Link harmnony color. This will lock all color positions.

D - Drag any color circle to change it and all the other colors, respecting their positions. You can also drag the Hue, Saturation and Brightness slider.

Image below:

enter image description here


I think tinkering with hundreds of small objects who nobody knows personally, is a little ineffective method.

If you haven't it as a high resolution raster image, make one. Copy it to photoshop where you have prepared say 1500 x 1500 pixels empty image and paste it on as pixels.

In photoshop you easily with the quick selection tool select the wrong colored rings and recolor them:

enter image description here

(sorry for my bad quality screenshot)

Then you copy and paste it back to illustrator and live trace it again say, to 100 colors.

enter image description here


In the Recolor Artwork dialog window....

  • Use the Color drop down to reduce the number of colors. This will auto-merge various colors...
  • You can drag colors between the color bars on the left to merge them...
  • You can add more colors to further merge....

enter image description here

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