I'm trying to make a series of simple line-based patterns in Illustrator. Most of the patterns will repeat in a way that causes them to overlap each other but I don't want the ones in the background to be visible behind the foreground.

Is there a way to maybe fill in the space between the lines to block stuff behind? Or a way to mask (for lack of a better word - I'm not sure the proper terminology) the stuff behind?

Overlapping wave pattern

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    Put a half circle filled white behind the four lines before repeat it. – LeoNas Jul 14 '18 at 1:30
  • That seems embarrassingly obvious. rough – sil40 Jul 14 '18 at 2:32
  • Create two arches, stroke = black, fill = white


  • Menu Object > Blend > Make
  • Menu Object > Blend > Blend Options > Specified Steps = 2


  • Select the Blend Object > Menu Object > Pattern > Make
  • Type = Brick by Row
  • Reduce the vertical spacing
  • Overlap = Bottom in Front


  • Click Done

The Pattern has a white background. To use it over a color shape, from the Transparency Panel, change the blend mode to the shape with the pattern to Multiply.

blend mode

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