I have been using online printer suppliers previously but I am wanting to invest some money into a good quality printer so I can print business cards (on normal, Gloss & matt card) and flyers...

I am wondering what printer would be best for this sort of work?


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Broadly speaking, a laser printer is your best option.

It looks like the folks at Wirecutter have determined the HP Color LaserJet Pro M254DW to be one of the better ones.

Wirecutter Review



  • More consistent print quality than inkjet
  • Can sit unused for longer periods; no clogged cartridges and less wasted consumables.
  • More durable prints. Toner is more or less water-resistant and will not bleed like ink.


  • Expensive. The toner cartridges are often more than ink and the technology and machine are just generally more costly to purchase and repair.

Food for thought

While it is nice to have the convenience of an at-home printer to fine-tune work and have instant-availability, consider developing a relationship with a local independent print company. They'll probably be a little more expensive than an office supply chain, but you'll likely get a better quality business resource and may have greater latitude to work with you on price if you're a regular customer.

The reality is, most at-home printers are not production machines. I would suspect they will do very well for a couple color copies of reports and photographs here and there, but if you're planning to print hundreds of designs on a regular basis, you could end up spending a lot of money on toner and the machine will likely break down at some point.

There is also a lot of finishing work in flyers and business cards. You need to cut all of those things to size. That is extremely time consuming work when done sheet by sheet. A print shop can cut stacks of cards/flyers in a few minutes.

How much is your time worth and is cutting sheets of paper the best use of it? There's no right answer, just something to think about.

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