I wish to create the following responsive symbol for a popup in Sketch.

pop-up default

I am a big fan of the Resizing functionality built in to sketch, however cannot solve the following problem with the Resizing tools.

If I duplicate the text "Curabitur lobortis id lore...", not all the text is shown, as there is not enough space in the default placeholder. I have to manually increase the height of the symbol, which also writes over the 2nd block of text.

enter image description here

My question is, what can I add to make the top level text block automatically expand to fit its contents, whilst maintaining the padding to the 2nd text block of text located beneath it?

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You'll need to download a plugin to get the job done. Luckily, the two that solve your problem are free.


Automate padding and spacing for your Sketch layers. View on Github

Paddy spacing


Anima has a lot of different functionality built into their one plugin. The one that applies is Auto Layout and the idea of Stacks.

Read on Medium | Homepage

Anima Stacks in action

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