I'm working on a new logo concept for my online radio station and would like to receive feedback about the following:

  1. Is the kerning/spacing appropriate?
  2. Do you find the symbol appealing, unique and memorable?
  3. Do you find a heavy resemblance with the Beats logo?

Any other kind of feedback will be very appreciated. Many thanks!

Logotype concept


It's the Beat's by Dre logo

enter image description here

The logo isn't memorable and is frankly a rehash of every online radio site ever.

  • Headphone/mic? Check

  • Radio "waves" Check

  • Trendly smooth gradient? Check

I don't get anything "blur" about it and I don't see why I would be enticed to use your site. Is it fast? Faster than what's already out there?

Focus on an original shape or one that more accurately represents your name.

  • Thanks @Ovaryraptor for your honest feedback! I'm not able to up vote your answer. Thank you anyways.
    – nicozica
    Jul 18 '18 at 17:56

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