Hi fellow designers!!

I've created a design in Adobe Illustrator and exported a PDF file that needs to be sent to the print shop where they can open it in Acrobat Pro DC.

The design is a folder that needs to be die-cutted and folded. I've created separate layers in Adobe Illustrator - with lines indicating where to cut or fold - and when they print I'm hoping that people can hide these layers so the lines won't get printed.

I've tried to open the exported PDF in Acrobat Pro DC - but I couldn't see the layers. Is there anything I need to take notice of while exporting PDF from Illustrator?

Thanks a lot!!!


OK this is fun - the moment you post a question is when you start to find out for yourself - but in case anyone else finds this information helpful -

Saving a PDF from Adobe Illustrator with layers adjustable in Acrobat Pro DC:

  • Set up your illustration so that the adjustable elements (those you want to show and hide) are in separate top-level layers, not nested within sublayers.
  • Save the file in Adobe PDF format.
  • In the Save Adobe PDF dialog box, choose Acrobat 8 (1.7) or Acrobat 7 (1.6) for Compatibility.
  • Make sure to check the box before "Create Acrobat Layers from Top-Level Layers", and click Save PDF.

Opening a PDF and viewing its layers in Acrobat Pro DC:

  • Information can be stored on different layers of a PDF. The layers that appear in the PDF are based on the layers created in the original application.

  • Choose View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Layers.

Hope you're all having a good day

Acrobat Pro DC: Show or hide layers:


Adobe Illustrator: Create a layered PDF:


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