I am trying to 3D print some names for a wedding and I'm trying to make them all the same font. The issue I am having is that the cursive font that I have chosen (Milkshake) looks cursive but does not join up all the letters for all names. Here is an example:

enter image description here

I am trying to find a similar-ish cursive font that does join up all the letters all the time. Can you please help me find this.


Adding a white thick stroke like a sticker it's the best solution, with this you can use the font you want.


Using negative tracking you must edit each case:

negative tracking

Finding a font with this special characteristic in syllables like T+LC-vowel, P+LC-vowel, V+LC-vowel, W+LC-vowel, will produce a very strange specimen like:

Americana Dream via dafont.com


Or some calligraphic font like:

Pinocchio Scribe Regular via myfonts.com

enter image description here

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