I often have trouble estimating best image pixel size to large centimeter size, without causing much loss of quality.

Today is no different. A client wants a chosen image from shutterstock on his wall. (as wallpaper). The wall is 6680x1200mm

I can see on shutterstock the pixel size from the image. But how can I estimate if the pixel size is high enough for the size of the wall, without buying the image? Can I calculate what the minimum pixel format should be? If so, how can I do that?

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The short answer:

Pixels / mm

In this case, if you have a normal photo, of 6000 px wide, which is fairly normal these days, from a 24Mpx camera, divided into your 6680 gives you a pixel size of a bit more of 1 mm. one pixel of one mm is pretty decent for a wall.

The long answer:

What resolution should a large format artwork for print be?

You can clearly see the pixel dimensions of the images in the images banks.

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