I'm trying to figure out what font was used in this logo. This is the logo for the aiport in Billund, Denmark. I've searched many websites and couldn't find it.

enter image description here

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Yes, it's a custom font. Consists of regular and Bold. inspired by the classic monospaced Split-flap display boards at airports. It's not really monospaced since it was also made to look better and be more readable in print, on screens, and wayfinding. I made it back in 2001 as a Senior designer for Kontrapunkt Design in Copenhagen. The font won the Agfa-Monotype special prize, Trophée d’Or in 2002. I now run my own studio LOOP Associates. https://loopassociates.com Hope this answer your question :)enter image description here

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Check out Handel Gothic medium. It's quite close.

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Using the WhatFont Chrome extension (also confirming using dev tools) I was able to identify the name of the font - Billund Airport

Basically, a custom made font, which seems to be very similar to PF Isotext Pro.

They likely found a font they liked and custom modified it.


This doesn't really have something to do with PhotoShop I believe but nevertheless allow me to go through the steps I've used to find it out.

  1. For Chrome add this extention FOUNT to your browser.

    1a. This is how it works:

    • Go to any site and click the Fount bookmarklet.
    • Click on any type you want to identify. Repeat.
    • To turn Fount off, just click the bookmarklet again.
  2. Go to the website of the airport | https://www.bll.dk/

  3. Follow the steps from 1a. The application tells me that they use Sans Serif (Size: 16PX / Weight: 400 / Style: Normal) & BillundAirport (Size: 16PX / Weight: 400 / Style: Normal)

So judging from this information I think it is safe to assume that the font type the airport is using is a custom font type called "BillundAirport".

Hope this helps!

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    in fact you don't need any plugin: just right-click on any title in the airport website and select "Inspect". You'll see the font name in the "Styles" section.
    – Luciano
    Aug 6, 2018 at 8:47
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    It is indeed called Billund Airport, and it was custom-designed for the airport by Kontrapunkt in Copenhagen in 2002 or 2003. It won the Trophée d’Or in 2003. Sep 4, 2018 at 18:49

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