How do I specify the position of a line of text relative to the baseline,
rather than relative to its lowest point?

I can see the little white square next to the baseline; however,
I am unable to select it or position it.


In the Snap Controls Bar, set the following options

  • Enable snapping
  • Snap other points (centres, guide origins, gradient handles, etc)
  • Snap text anchors and baselines

Then you can snap the text baseline anchor to a guide.

enter image description here

If you also engage the following options

  • Snap nodes paths and handles
  • Snap to paths

Then you can snap the text baseline anchor to a path

enter image description here

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  • Additionally, the 'Align and Distribute' dialog has a couple of options for aligning text anchors to each other – Moini Aug 6 '18 at 21:56

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