I've got an InDesign document with 100 A4 pages.

I've got 100 assets (a mixture of .jpg and .pdf files) and I want to place 1 per page. If an image is not the proportion of the A4 page I would like to get it as big as it can be on the page before it hits into the margin. Ex. if it's a portrait image it should be as large as it can be before hits the top/bottom margin. If it's a landscape image it should be as large as it can be before hits the left/right margin.

At the moment I'm dragging each file across and resizing them manually. Is it possible just drop them on the page and get them auto resized ?

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Having the A4 image frame at the master layout, drag the image at the page, then:

Menu Object > Fitting > Fit Content Proportionally

Cmd + Alt + Shift + E Mac

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E Win


Menu Object > Fitting > Fit Frame Proportionally

Cmd + Alt + Shift + C Mac

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C Win

  • is there a way to set the default fitting option for a document. Also if i create an image frame in the master page, then on a slave page when i input and then delete an image it removes the frame, why is this ? I thought items taken from a master page could not be effected on subsequent slave pages
    – sam
    Commented Apr 21, 2019 at 20:43

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