Is there a way to create a swatch library, apply different colors from that swatches library to a lot of objects (e.g. a red swatch to 30 objects, a lime swatch to 170 objects, etc.) and after, If I want to change the red to dark red without selecting layers/groups, just by changing the colors directly from the swatches window?


I apply different colors from a custom swatch library to a lot of objects. I should be able to edit the Cyan (selected) swatch to Black?

enter image description here

And after I change the Cyan color to black directly in the swatch window (?). This way I don't need to look for the

enter image description here

This is just a simple example, I have documents with more colors than this, I want a fast way to change the swatches colors for the whole document layers/objects without looking in the layers window for groups and objects and selecting them individually.

  • Create a new Swatch or select the Swatch you want to use
  • Pressing Cmd in Mac or Ctrl in Win, click the color you want to replace
  • Go to the Swatches Options MenuMerge Swatches



I tend to use Graphic Styles for this kind of in-document vidsual management and use swatch libraries for, well, global colour swatch bases.


I often use the 'Select → Select Same → Stroke Color' (or fill, or whichever) then select the swatch you'd like to switch all selected objects to.

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