I have been trying to learn Inkscape and I encountered a property of the ellipse tool which said closed figure with two radii. I am very confused about it and cannot make out why it doesn't qualify as an unclosed figure.

This is how they look in inkscape

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In Inkscape, an ellipse created with the Ellipse tool, and the Switch to Segment option, is a closed shape.

You will see this if you stroke the shape or if you turn it into paths using Path > Object to Path. It's quite clearly a closed shape.

Ellipse (segment) with stroke.

enter image description here

Same shape converted to paths.

enter image description here

Unclosed shapes on the other hand, have a start and end point that do not join up.

For example, this open path was created by switching to the Arc (unclosed shape) option in the Ellipse tool. Then I converted the object to paths so you can see it.

enter image description here

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