I have created two paths, but I want to change how the ends look. How can I reopen the path at the bottom and continue drawing.

I tried adding a new anchor with the pen tool, but I couldn't understand how to join the two stems together at the end.

The easiest way for me to draw the shape I want is to do it separately, but because that didn't work I tried adding another anchor and dragging it out where I needed it to be.

Is there a way to easily join these paths? I think Pathfinder might be the way, but I'm not entirely sure the best way to use it to achieve what I want.

Two paths

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The way I achieved this was to create two new anchors and then drag them on top of the anchors from the adjacent path.

Then I used Pathfinder → Unite.

This meant they connected where I wanted them to. Then I could add new anchors with the pen tool and drag them about.

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