I want a gradient to go around a compound path, like so:

enter image description here

     not necessarily a hexagon, but any compound path

You can notice how the gradient is one continuous gradient that goes around the object (not straight, not radial)

To make this, is quite an annoying process;

  • I have to have it as a stroke (doesn't work on a paths fill)

  • I have to add in an extra color (whatever is the end of my gradient) to make it blend properly (also has to be aligned perfectly or it looks off)

  enter image description here

If I need to change the "end color" there's a whole process in changing both.

I'm hoping there's an easier way to do this.

My concept

  • A circular gradient (not radial - which is still linear)

  • The idea is, just like a circle - there's no end, it's always blending with it's neighboring color(s):

enter image description here

Does something like this exist?

Would this be a practical thing for Adobe to incorporate* or is it not plausible due to limitations. (It seems pretty straightforward to my uneducated brain).

*If so, why haven't they done it yet?

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    Not a problem, from software perspective but it just uses up more space.
    – joojaa
    Aug 17, 2018 at 6:35

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Adobe released a new feature which can do something similar to this in their CC 2019 edition of Illustrator.

The feature is called Freeform Gradients and you can read more about it here at Adobe.

image with the different gradient types

A Linear Gradient         B Radial Gradient       C Freeform Gradient

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