I'm try to create a layer of white noise in Photoshop that I can export as a transparency (png) file to use on a website. There are a couple of other similar questions on here, but they are trying to export a general noise transparency layer as opposed to a layer of white noise (with only the white noise showing).

I'm relatively new to PS and I seem to have wasted nearly a day trying to do this so any help would be super amazing.


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  • Create a document with a Background Contents = Transparent


  • Fill the Layer 1 with White, 100%
  • Set the mode to Dissolve
  • Set the opacity to <100% (depends the noise quantity)
  • Export as a transparent PNG-8 (having just a color and no antialiasing, with an 8-bit transparent PNG the file size is smaller)




Blend Mode Dissolve PNG With Transparency

Adapt this to your needs.

  1. Go to File > Generate > File Asset.
  2. Create a new layer and name it white-noise.png
  3. Create an area with the marquee tool.
  4. Fill (G) it with white.
  5. Goto your Layers Panel and set the opacity to 5% and Blend Mode to Dissolve.
  6. Now go to the directory you saved your PSD and look for a folder called white-noise-assets

And there you have it. A PNG of white noise with transparency.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

The exported image:

It is there, but because it's only white noise and transparency, you can't see it on the white background.

enter image description here

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