Is it preferable to write a thin space after nobiliary particles (von, de la, …)?

Does for example Miguel de\,Cervantes y\,Saavedra look better than the standard width spaced equivalent?

enter image description here


I have the answer for French typography (and one of the nobiliary particles you quote is French, so…): the spaces preceding and following nobiliary particles should be regular spaces (the canonical reference being the Lexique des règles typographiques en usage à l'Imprimerie Nationale).

I don't know if it holds in other languages, including English, but it would definitely make sense… and cause less disruption to the flow of text.

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  • Alright then, I guess it applies anyway—as long as the names are French, at least. :) Thank you. – Mikulas Dite Oct 31 '12 at 19:44
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    I'd have to concur. I've never come across special treatment for this case. – plainclothes Oct 31 '12 at 20:30

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