When I try to outline the stroke in the screenshot below, the tip of the line gets changed. Please help me here? What should I do to get the exact image, but filled instead of stroked.

Screenshot of the problem

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    Hi Siamak. Welcome to GDSE. Unfortunately, I can't replicate the problem. When I expand a stroke I get the expected result. – Billy Kerr Sep 3 '18 at 10:40
  • Most likely you have 2 points on top of eachother – joojaa Sep 3 '18 at 18:21

This is a bug which happens for paths drawn with the pen tool and start with the Default appearance applied. I know it exists in AICS6 and a couple of the CC versions. I'm not booted into a machine running CC2018 to test that version at the moment. But it absolutely occurs in CS6 and CC2017 / Mac.

It only happens if the path is manually created with the Pen Tool and under specific circumstances. Most often you'll see this if you:

  1. Create the path with the Pen Tool
  2. Initially the path had the Default appearance applied (1pt black stroke and a white fill)
  3. You removed the fill, added the caps, set the stroke weight (any order)
  4. Then expanding/outlining may result in the lost end cap.

Note that pretty much all of these have to be in play to see the issue most of the time. It's one of those bugs that is kind of obscure, but not that rare. If you know what I mean.

I know in AICS6 and AICC2017, the above steps will result in the issue every time.

So, to get around it...

  • Set the appearance first. Set the stroke width, cap, and the fill before you draw anything. And make certain New Art Has Basic Appearance is not set in the Appearance Panel Menu. Then draw your path with the Pen Tool and the bug should not present itself. This often means you need to do this and redraw the path. It's difficult to correct on an existing path if it's happening already.
  • Create the path by editing shapes (i.e. Daiello's method) and the issue should not appear.
  • For an existing path, if you really don't want to redraw.... Use Object > Flatten Transparency rather than Outline Stroke (or Expand). This keeps the round caps but may result in way more anchor points than it should.

Try to follow the steps of this gif:

enter image description here

  • Make a rectangle
  • Set fill none and a color thick stroke
  • From the Stroke Panel apply Round Cap

round cap

  • Selecting the rectangle with the Direct Selection Tool make the round corners
  • Select the bottom left points and delete them
  • Menu Object > Expand > Stroke
  • I downvoted because to me it seems like you ignored the question and just wrote an answer that would be a better fit if the question was "How to make a candy cane shape in illustrator". I don't see how expanding the shape OP has and expanding the shape you made would produce different results. What op is experiencing seems more like a bug to me than the wrong workflow. – Joonas Sep 3 '18 at 11:48
  • Could be. Anyway what you think may be a bug, I think it may be a bad process in the creation of the original path. In the question we can not see the construction points of this path. By the moment, in front of both ASSUMPTIONS, my answer is much more helpful than your comment ;-) – Danielillo Sep 3 '18 at 12:04
  • Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. – Joonas Sep 3 '18 at 12:13

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