I've made my first animation using Photoshop CC (2018). But my canvas is way to big. If I reduce the canvas some elements simply disappears.

Is there a way to reduce / crop the canvas without affecting my animations?



  • Create a new document with the new canvas size
  • In this new document> Timeline Panel > Create a Frame Animation
  • Back to the original document, select all the animation frames
  • Timeline Panel Menu > Copy All Frames
  • Go to the new document, select the animation frame
  • Timeline Panel Menu > Paste Frames > Choose Replace or Over

Note: be careful if there are layers with unlocked mask, these will be not copied. If the animation has many layers, you can do it in parts, pasting over the same frames.

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  • Thanks. Going from video to frames (and back again) wasn't the best option - so I just deleted my key frames, moved my objects and cropped the canvas. – Steven Sep 4 '18 at 10:59

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