Is there a color replacement adjustment layer in Photoshop?

If not, why not? And can its effect be achieved using another method?

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    You can make a selection based on the same exact formula Select > Color range. You could perhaps use that and turn that into a Layer Mask. If you put the layer mask in a folder, you can put anything there and they get masked out... or after making the selection, just add any of the Adjustment layers and it automatically converts that selection into a Layer Mask. This obviously won't update itself if the image below changes, but is it close enough? – Joonas Sep 10 '18 at 17:34

Image > Adjustment > Replace Color allows you to save the change receipe as *.ATX file. You can load it when you apply Replace Color to a new image.

This is useful if the color range to be replaced has sharp borders in the image. There's no need to have the same geometric form nor size.

If you have a single layer image like this

enter image description here

and you want "Replace yellow with blue, do it equally in the mixes, too and do it without messing the mix in any way otherwise" you are out of luck. This system cannot decide right what was yellow's role in the mixes. You get something like this (dirty colors, grey):

enter image description here

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