I'm attempting to copy some color layers from 1 document to another. When I drag the folder of color layers over I get this message:

"Are you sure you want to convert colors to a destination document with a color profile that does not match the current RGB working space?"

I do not wish to convert the colors... Therefore...

Color Profile Mismatch Ok. Seems like maybe one document has the profile sRGB, and the other document has profile Adobe RGB... So, I view EDIT>COLOR SETTINGS on each document thinking they must not match. BUT, when I view both under color settings, both documents have the color settings sRGB...

What am I missing? Any help is much appreciated.



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— is not document setting, but globaly Photoshop.

Think One document was created on another machine and Second on yours.

Mostly I'm ignoring this message. But if you want to change try: EDIT>Assign Profile OR Convert to Profile.

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