I'm using the Animate CC 2018 on Windows 10.

My eraser doesn't work the way I want for example I want to erase a little part of my drawing (using the eraser) but it erases the whole of it and even sometimes it doesn't erase, it just changes the shape of it for example if I erase a straight line, my eraser doesn't erase it; it turn it to a bent line.

I did try to fix it by changing eraser mood, erase shape, work with layers, but it wasn't useful; I just realized it happens anytime I augment the stroke size of any tool I use.

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  • Hi there, slow down. I edited your question to add some paragraphs and fix the tags. 2. It's not entirely clear what's happening, what tool are you using to draw the shapes? What do you mean with "change the shapes"? Can you edit you question to add more details? Last, take a look at tour to understand better how this site works. – Luciano Sep 14 at 13:35
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    @Luciano I edited my question; is it clear now? – Christina Sep 15 at 19:40
  • Can you add some screenshots? This looks like you're making some mistake with the eraser tool or the objects you're trying to erase, or it's the terminology. – Luciano 2 days ago

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