So, my app has this 'hidden' menu which opens through a button in the toolbar, the idea of the menu is that it's 'behind' the main part of the app.

Also as the data is presented to the user as horizontal cards I thought a good way of representing the user would be as vertical cards.

The menu has a fixed size, so in larger devices, the menu looks a little bit small maybe? That's what is troubling me the most :/

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Your design looks nice an clean which is an excellent start.

However, you don't seem to have a cohesive grid structure and the horizontal menu doesn't work. You don't have a defined center or equal padding on the sides.

I wireframed your app out and laid out the current grid lines.

enter image description here

As it stands now you have a hamburger menu opening top -> down which is unusual because a top -> down function is usually handled by a swipe, not a button tap.

Your profile card is nice and large which is good if you want the user to be the focus, but the settings/edit profile/filter ads buttons are way too large and can be simply represented as an icon.

Now to remedy this I suggest you keep the hamburger icon and use it to have your profile page to open left -> right and "shove" your main content over.

enter image description here

Now this looks a lot more organized and is the start of a strong grid structure. Additionally, it leaves you with a lot more space to play around with to add more to your profile tab!

  • Thanks! That's a lot of useful information haha. I agree that the buttons are large, but I want to make sure I completely grasp the 'grid structure' aspect; When you say 'You don't have a defined center or equal padding on the sides' I understand that it is because (as your image shows) the lines don't 'land' on top of each other. Problem is, when I use the left -> right menu the same thing will happen, is it better just because it happens less times? – Levon Sep 19 '18 at 23:04

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